SOAP in unexpected “actually, quite easy” incident.

Wednesday, 30. 09. 2009  –  Category: sw, web

In web service access shuffle, today’s mission is introducing large N number of new backend pools, traffic rules and virtual servers to Zeus ZXTM balancers. No time for monkeying around in the web UI, better check out their well documented API. It uses SOAP, which I’ve never got busy with before – slightly apprehensive.

The reference documentation has examples in Perl and PHP which got me so far, but I’m most comfortable in Ruby now, and was happy to find 1 this pointer to using the soap4r library.

Chief bonus here is the wsdl2ruby.rb tool that’ll transform the WSDL data into Ruby objects with heirarchy, attribute accessors and everything else to make operating the API really comfortable. If your WSDL is a moving target during development it’ll even do this on the fly.

This meant getting the scripting done to configure the ZXTMs was pretty straightforward, without any faffing with the underlying access mech. Refreshing!

  1. I was going to paste example code, but this’ll do []

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