PI and dc(1)

Thursday, 20. 10. 2005  –  Category: vague

echo '99[lslc+vsslp2*ls/splslk+lc>a]sadk_1*sk10lk^sk0ss2dscsplaxlppq' | dc As an introduction to C programming and unix, my first tech boss asked me to write a dc(1) clone. I really doubt it could have handled this (somewhere there’s a 3.5″ floppy with my code on, no doubt). I went on to write a lexer with awk(1), the less said about […]


Thursday, 20. 10. 2005  –  Category: todo, web

I’m basically a fan of rotatelogs(1) for Apache logging: no need to gracefully restart, easy filenames to script with, encourages log ageing. I do however find myself forever doing stuff like $ ls -tr /a/log/dir | tail error_log.1129593600 error_log.1129680000 error_log.1129766400 $ tail -f error_log.1129766400 to diagnose a problem. What would be cool was if rotatelogs […]

PHP, IE and file downloads

Thursday, 20. 10. 2005  –  Category: web

PHP defaults to sending nocache headers, and this makes IE aggressively zap any temporary files that arise, even if they’re destined to be passed to another app locally.