krb5.conf and KDC protocol

Thursday, 9. 08. 2007  –  Category: all, sw

FreeBSD lets you do this: [realms]         FOO.FOOCORP.CO.UK = {                 kdc = tcp/         } Linux doesn’t let you specify the protocol, and will bork in a typically Kerberosly weird way should you try.

Debian / Ubuntu Exim wedging?

Tuesday, 7. 08. 2007  –  Category: all, sw

Is it doing TLS? It’s likely running out of entropy. Debian package Exim linked against GNU’s TLS library, rather than the more common OpenSSL. It’ll suck /dev/random dry very quickly. Lousy under-the-gun hack: root@shangrila:/dev# rm random && mknod -m 664 /dev/random c 1 9 root@shangrila:/dev# ls -l /dev/*random crw-rw-r– 1 root root 1, 9 Aug  7 […]