SOAP in unexpected “actually, quite easy” incident.

Wednesday, 30. 09. 2009  –  Category: sw, web

In web service access shuffle, today’s mission is introducing large N number of new backend pools, traffic rules and virtual servers to Zeus ZXTM balancers. No time for monkeying around in the web UI, better check out their well documented API. It uses SOAP, which I’ve never got busy with before – slightly apprehensive. The […]

ipmitool for OSX

Tuesday, 29. 09. 2009  –  Category: sw

Nothing searchable in MacPorts, but found this. Update: Turns out this build is missing isol mode serial-on-LAN for IPMI 1.5 hosts1, and building the ipmitool distribution wasn’t so hard after all. Packaging systems have made me lazy! Dell R200 uses IPMI 1.5, Dell R410 uses 2.0. Both do SOL and remote power management well enough […]

vxargs – visual parallel xargs

Friday, 18. 09. 2009  –  Category: sw

Flag for vxargs, an xargs-a-like that runs its multiple command invocations in parallel and provides a (ncurses) histogram of the progress. Its companion program pattern provides an easy way to generate IP / hostnames based on a logical sequence. Together the make a reasonble way to run a command on a bunch of hosts and […]