Competing webserver workloads

Thursday, 17. 02. 2011  –  Category: sw, web

Recently a client was receiving complaints that their busy server hosting both their WordPress sites and their OpenX1 banner delivery was underperforming. Specifically, sites including their banners were seeing page loads hang on them. If you’re in the business of selling banners this is bad news. There were reports of the WordPress sites being slow […]

Timeouts and failing fast

Sunday, 23. 01. 2011  –  Category: sw, web

“Integration points are the number-one killer of systems” – Release It!, Michael Nygard Last week I had two different web systems fail in a similar way. One was a single box running two busy WordPress sites, another was a largish multi-tier publishing cluster. Both dropped off air because they didn’t handle the failure of a […]

SOAP in unexpected “actually, quite easy” incident.

Wednesday, 30. 09. 2009  –  Category: sw, web

In web service access shuffle, today’s mission is introducing large N number of new backend pools, traffic rules and virtual servers to Zeus ZXTM balancers. No time for monkeying around in the web UI, better check out their well documented API. It uses SOAP, which I’ve never got busy with before – slightly apprehensive. The […]