Using Single Sign-On To Integrate Ning With An External Site

Wednesday, 20. 08. 2008  –  Category: all, sw, web

Overview Ning provide off the peg hosted social networks. The service is free unless you pay to not have their context-driven ads on your pages. Within a few minutes of sign-up you’re away. Particulary cool is that they will let you at the source of your network. You can’t then wander off and run it […]

High Availability Rails Cluster

Tuesday, 19. 08. 2008  –  Category: all, sw, web

I’ve been asked about this a few times, so I figured I’d post here. This is a brief description of a highly available Rails cluster I’ve built. Some preliminaries: There’s no invention here, I believe this setup is very common. High availability isn’t the same thing as load balanced. There is nothing here to intelligently […]

Javascript Trac Bookmark

Friday, 11. 07. 2008  –  Category: all, web

Substitute for your Trac instance and drop into a Firefox bookmark, perhaps on the toolbar: javascript:q='%s';if(q=='%'+'s')void(q=prompt('Trac%20#',''));if(q)location.href=''+escape(q);else%20location.href='' Click / select the bookmark to be prompted for a Trac issue number, which you can leave blank to just load /report/1 Extra credit for assigning a keyword (eg ‘ktx’) in the bookmark properties, allowing you to just […]