RT upgrade

Wednesday, 23. 11. 2005  –  Category: all, sw


  • want to give someone read-only access to a particular RT queue
  • on rt 3.2.2 this works, but user and group information is leaked through the Configuration menus
  • rt 3.4.4 has a specific permission knob for this menu
  • rt 3.4.4 doesn’t like mod_perl 1.99.x
  • mod_perl 2.0.2 contains incompatibilities over Apache:: versus Apache2::
  • some modules, such as Apache::DBI, pass RT’s dependencies test but are not compatible with recent mod_perl

I found I had to get more thorough about removing Apache-related modules from my perl library tree and then re-install RT’s dependencies. Of course, I did all this in the rwong order…

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