DIY Avocent / Cyclades DB9/RJ45 serial console adapters

Sunday, 20. 04. 2008  –  Category: all, stash

These are quite pricey if you buy them pre-made. Depending on how fast you can make them up you can save money.

The self-wire kits I found have the RJ45 connections fixed but let you decide the DB9 pin assigments. The Avocent needs a crossover which means the wiring isn’t one to one. It’s detailed here.

So I don’t lose it again:

Colour RJ45 DB9
Blue 1 8
Orange 2 1&6
Black 3 2
Red 4 5
Green 5 7
Yellow 6 3
Brown & White 7&8 4

DB9 pin 9 is unused. No idea how standard the colour / RJ45 assignment is. The merging of brown and white wires, and the splitting of the orange into two pins is the fudge: admittedly I thought I was building straight-through connectors when I set out!


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