iLO port forwards

Wednesday, 5. 08. 2009  –  Category: stash

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HPaq’s iLO is a strange beast, its functionality seems split between the SSH CLI and the web interface. Depending on your particular mission, some goals are only achievable using the whole ActiveX / Java remote console in IE. Sigh.

To get this flying from virtualised VMware, here’s the full SSH mutter to forward the ports via an access host. I’m always forgetting it, thus this post.

sudo ssh -g -L 80:${IP}:80 -L 3389:${IP}:3389 -L 443:${IP}:443 -L 17988:${IP}:17988 -L 17990:${IP}:17990 -L 23:${IP}:23

IP is the iLO’s address. -g allows the port forwards to be reachable via other LAN hosts (eg: the VMware guest).  The sudo sorts the forwards for those super-privileged < 1024 ports.

Yes, that really is port 23 – telnet.

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